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Analisi del colore
Colour Analysis

while some colours enhance our beauty, others may detract from it. By identifying your personalized colour palette, we will discover which sets of colours harmonize with your hair, eyes, and skin tone and how to combine them both in style and beauty.

Body Shape Analysis

because every figure and every face can be enhanced. You will learn to complement your figure by strengthening your most attractive qualities while camouflaging any flaws. With Body Shape Analysis, we will also determine which accessories are best suited to your form.

Style Analysis

because everyone has their own unique and personal style. Starting with short questionnaires and an analysis of your lifestyle, we will determine which designs represent your distinct personality while complementing your style and image.

Wardrobe Analysis

because there is always a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. With the Wardrobe Analysis we will focus on reorganizing the different elements of your attire that best enhance your appearance. Now that we have determined your colour palette, your body shape, and your personal style, we are ready to create a functional wardrobe so that you’ll never again say: ‘I have nothing to wear’.

Personal shopping

because the perfect piece of clothing is always missing. We will focus on updating any items and accessories that might be missing from your wardrobe while always complementing your personal style and making it 100% functional.

Gift Card

create your personalized package to give as a gift by choosing among my One to One Services. I will also add a gift for you!